Coating reactors at Hardide Coatings’ UK production facility.
Coating reactors at Hardide Coatings’ UK production facility.

WC coating technology company Hardide Coatings has been awarded funding from a UK-wide aerospace initiative to help further the use of the company’s coating technology for aircraft components.

The National Aerospace Technology Exploitation Programme (NATEP) is a £14.4 million program aimed at developing 40 aerospace technologies in the UK aerospace supply chain. Hardide has been awarded NATEP funding for two projects that will each take 18 months to complete.

 The first project is to develop a grinding and finish technology for the company’s Hardide-A coating that can be used as a direct replacement for hard chrome plating (HCP). The second is to develop the processing of a low temperature coating tp increase the range of aerospace substrate materials suitable for the Hardide coating process.

‘These grant awards were made after a rigorous application process and we will be working closely on the projects with our end-user customers,’ said Philip Kirkham, CEO of Hardide Coatings.

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