H.C. Starck has made changes to its Executive Board. As of October 1, 2015, the group with nearly 2,800 employees and 15 production sites worldwide will be led by four Executive Board Members.

Edmar Allitsch, previously head of the Tungsten Powders division, will take over the sales organization and will focus on the acceleration of the sales activities and strategic key account projects in the business, while Dr Michael Reiss, CTO of the group, will assume the lead of the Tungsten Powders division.

Dr Reiss will also take over responsibility for the Surface Technology & Ceramic Powders division from Edmar Allitsch. The Advanced Ceramic Components division, previously in the responsibility of CEO Dr Andreas Meier, will be handed over to Dr Matthias Schmitz, CFO of the group.

Dr Andreas Meier continues to be responsible for the Tantalum/Niobium Powders division and the lead of the Fabricated Products division remains unchanged with Dr Dmitry Shashkov.

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