According to ITW Gema and Alliance Surface Finishing, the trademarked DCS technology allows users to convert an existing mono-coat powder line to a two-coat system with minor capital investment. This new technology can apply multiple films to exact film tolerances and color specifications, making it suitable for a multitude of applications, including all metals, aluminium, and most plastic substrates.

DCS allows for an unlimited spectrum of solid and metallic colors, textures, and special effects with an array of performance properties through a complete line of powder technologies. The benefits of this new technology include: 50% reduced cycle times; a significant reduction in powder consumption; and noticeably improved surface aesthetics when compared to traditional means of powder application. The DCS technology makes the already green technology of powder even greener with a lower carbon footprint with reduced curing time.

This new partnership allows ITW Gema, a leading supplier of powder coating application and recovery equipment, and Alliance Surface Finishing—the developer of DCS technology—to join together and provide a manufacturing solution for applying this unique application technology to conductive and non-conductive products. The range of products that can now be powder coated is endless through this ITW Gema/Alliance Surface Finishing partnership.