It is used in high voltage applications where surface arcing (arc-over discharge) is a concern. ArcShield devices inhibit surface arc-over discharge, thereby preventing damage to the capacitor and surrounding components on a printed circuit board. Surface coatings can be damaged during the handling and assembly process, leaving the capacitor susceptible to the same arc-over concerns as a non-coated device.

“ArcShield High Voltage MLCC technology features a unique, robust internal shield electrode system that suppresses arc-over while increasing capacitance to the highest values available in the industry,” stated Bill Sloka, Kemet specialty product manager.

Kemet ArcShield High Voltage capacitors are suitable for use as snubbers, in voltage multiplier circuits and in general lighting applications. Typical markets include industrial, lighting, telecommunications, automotive, and alternative energy.

ArcShield High Voltage MLCCs are also available in automotive grade.