Manufacturing industry veteran Marko Duffy CEF announces the launch of Marathon Sales, a new company being billed as New England’s “most experienced and knowledgeable metal finishing, metal working, metal coating supplier.” 

Marathon Sales provides products and expertise related to: anodizing, plating, painting and powder coating, and fabrication and machining. Via its supplier partners, Marathon Sales offerings everything from chemical handling, waste treatment, parts cleaning, and tanks and filters, to packaging, safety supplies, racks, pumps, fixtures, and masking materials, among others. In addition, Marathon Sales can assist finishers in the development and maintenance of their products and processes, as well as provide facility managers with specialty flooring, construction, interior/exterior painting and general repairs.

“Whatever industry you’re in, whatever manufacturing processes you are running, Marathon Sales has the processing knowledge and experience to help you be an industry leader and stay ahead of the competition,” said Duffy, who serves as president of Marathon Sales. “Today’s fast-moving manufacturing world requires every advantage you can achieve. Marathon Sales knows there is no finish line and we can go the distance for you.” 

For more information about Marathon Sales’ products or manufacturing services, please call 508-904-8899, e-mail, or visit www