Metalysis produces a diverse range of metal powders.
Metalysis produces a diverse range of metal powders.

Metalysis has hosted a visit from members of the European Powder Metallurgy Association (EPMA) Summer School to provide an insight into its one-step metal powder production process.

The (EPMA) Summer School was held this year for the first time in the UK, at the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre in Rotherham.  The week-long course was attended by graduates from material sciences, design, engineering, manufacturing and metallurgy and was tailored to give participants the opportunity to learn more about powder metallurgy and processes within a commercial setting. 

Metalysis produces a diverse range of metal powders, including tantalum and titanium and modern alloys.

‘Metalysis’s process has transformed the way in which powered metals are produced, which has many implications for their use in additive layer manufacturing,’ said Metalysis chief executive Dion Vaughan. ‘We are leading the way in transforming metal powder production and the students, as aspiring engineers, were able to see the process at first hand and learn where they can put their skills and knowledge to use in their future careers.’

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