Metaldyne Performance Group Inc is expanding its Suzhou, China operations with a second manufacturing plant.

The 45,000 ft2 building will support growing business from MPG’s vibration control systems division in the region, including rubber dampers, viscous dampers, balance shaft systems and damped gears. The MGP China team has already moved a rubber damper and viscous damper line from its existing plant in Suzhou to the new plant with a third line to be transferred in the next year. These transfers will free space in the original plant for the growing business of MPG’s other global divisions, such as powder forged connecting rods, net-shaped cold and warm forged components and aluminum valve bodies.

‘MPG is confident in this capital investment in Suzhou,’ said George Thanopoulos, MPG’s CEO. ‘Our China team has proven itself with a strong performance record, and continued growth in the China market is an important part of MPG’s long-term strategy.’

Customers for the new plant are SAICi General Motors (SGM), Dongfeng Peugeot-Citroën Automobile (DPCA), CAF (Changan Ford Automobile), and Cummins.

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