The Metal Powder Industries Federation (MPIF) has released an updated version of its PM Industry Roadmap. This is due to significant technological advancements over the past five years, the organization says.

‘This document addresses the vision for the PM industry, and includes a view of future customer and market expectations, as well as the goals designed to meet those expectations,’ said the MPIF.

Since the previous iteration of the PM Industry Roadmap in 2012, there has been significant progress in the processing of lean ferrous alloys, aluminum, titanium, magnesium, and metal matrix composites, the organization says. Component densities continue to rise with improvements in powders, lubricants, tooling, warm compaction, high-tonnage compaction presses, and sintering technology.

‘The most visible advance since the 2012 update is the rapid emergence of metal additive manufacturing, but metal injection molding has also grown significantly, as it has advanced in material options, process control, and standardization,’ it said. ‘These material and process developments have enabled new PM applications, such as variable valve timing sprockets, electronic power steering pulleys, turbocharger vanes, and jet engine fuel nozzles.’

Originally published in 2001, this is the third update to PM Industry Roadmap. The Roadmap is available here.

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