Oil-impregnated sintered bearings are widely used in industrial machinery and automotive fields, but cannot be used in certain applications where the lubricant may adhere to surrounding components and cause a reduction in performance, or in hot environments where the lubricant is prone to evaporation, such as the inside of photocopiers or automobile headlights.

Bearphite uses special graphite as a solid lubricant, the first time in the sintered metal industry. Usually, graphite added as the solid lubricant of ordinary sintered bearings has a lower liquidity compared to other metal powders, and cannot be moulded properly in large quantities. NTN changed the ratio of metal powder and increased the quantity of special high-liquidity graphite to five-fold over conventional types of graphite. This combination has resulted in a high level of productivity while also delivering improved sliding characteristics and wear resistance without the need for lubricating oil. The developed bearing is also conductive, which allows static electricity to be released while also preventing the adhesion of dust, one of the causes of non-conforming bearings. The bearing can also operate as a material for supplying electricity, which eliminates the need for other electricity supply components and contributes to a reduction in the number of components used in devices.

In addition to bearings, the technology can also be used in composite material products with integrated resin parts, or applied to sliding materials other than bearings.

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