The two-day powder coating course organzed by PCI and Nordson is designed for: 

  • People with a minimum of three years experience in powder coatings 
  • Those who have attended a previous PCI Powder Coating 2-Day Workshop 
  • Individuals looking for ways to improve their current powder coating operation or make their powder coating process more efficient and effective

The two-day classroom style presentation will entail:

  • Powder coating selection and total cost per square foot analysis
  • Troubleshooting a powder application and recovery system including maintenance requirements
  • Powder coating color change and most efficient and effective use of powder coating equipment
  • Pretreatment system design and methods for optimal cleaning as well as process of parts through a cleaning machine
  • Curing ovens, dry off ovens, booster ovens, infrared ovens and the use of ultra violet with powder coatings
  • Use of gauges and coating evaluation methods including defect analysis

Lastly, lab instruction will cover hands-on training in powder application, maintenance and troubleshooting; quality control and reject analysis; and utilization of proper equipment to perform proper coating evaluations.

Participants may register online or call the Powder Coating Institute at 832-585-0770 for more information. The deadline for registration is Feb. 11.