Wolfra-Tech is involved in the development, production, marketing and selling of fine wires, flat products and evaporation coils made from tungsten or molybdenum, and primarily supplies the lighting, electronics and automotive industries. It is a privately owned company that employs approximately 180 people.

“The Wolfra-Tech production site is our first one in India. There we will be able to finish semi-finished products manufactured by the Group at competitive conditions,” said Bernhard Schretter, executive director of Plansee. “It is planned to further develop Wolfra-Tech as an important manufacturing base in the Plansee HPM Group in the medium-term with two primary goals, which leverage the strengths of both companies: to better penetrate the Indian market with locally manufactured products and to utilize Wolfra-Tech’s competence through PLANSEE's global presence to supply wire products to international key accounts.”