What if you could chat with an expert on powder coating at anytime? Well, now you can, thanks to a newly formed parntership between The Powder Coating Institute, PCI, and The Finishing Experts, a member-based, consultancy service for the metal finishing community.

"The Finishing Experts felt we could enhance the value of a PCI membership by offering PCI’s clients access to our experts," said Dan Dunigan, president and CFE (chief finishing expert). "Being able to reach into the powder-coating industry is a tremendous opportunity for us at The Finishing Experts. Our experts are available in a variety of ways to the end user, and this will give those users one more tool that they didn’t have, at a reasonable or no cost.”

Likewise, by adding the  knowledge-based partner to their stable of talent and tools, PCI expects their members to be that much more prepared and effective. “PCI members will be introduced to The Finishing Experts through a special promotion in August,” said Ken Kreeger, interim executive director of PCI. “We are very pleased to be able to offer access to this portal to our members. We feel it will be an incredible enhancement to our offering.”

For more information, visit the partners' respective websites please visit www.thefinishingexperts.com and www.powdercoating.org.