Steel powder specialist Höganäs had hosted a new project on sustainable steel powders for additive manufacturing (AM).

The project was launched by European consortium EIT Raw Materials in February and is entitled SPAcEMAN (Sustainable Powders for AdditivE MANufacturing). It has been funded by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology on Raw Materials for the years 2018-2020.

The project’s objective is to design, manufacture and validate steel powders for AM that are more sustainable in terms of use of critical materials, processability, recyclability and cost. The performance, sustainability and processability of the powder alloys will be demonstrated by prototypes for the automotive sector, to be designed, manufactured and tested by the project consortium.

The project team consists of Politecnico di Milano as project coordinator, together with Luleå University of Technology and Fraunhofer Institut für Werkstoff und Strahltechnik in charge of the main research efforts. Höganäs and Centro Ricerche Fiat will focus on the industrialization stage and for product application in the automotive sector, assisted by IMR Metal Powder Technologies, Gestamp Hardtech and Certema. The SPAcEMAN project will also grant several PhD positions at academic and research centers.

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