It says that the project will help students generate knowledge about design, transformation and high-strength aluminium alloy properties for the additive manufacturing (AM) of aerospace components. 

CRIAQ is a non-profit organization established in 2002 with the financial support of the Québec government to increase the competitiveness of the aerospace industry, and improve the aerospace collective knowledge base in the province.

"Training through research, technological development and basic knowledge are among CRIAQ's priorities," said Clément Fortin, president & CEO of CRIAQ. "The project will allow the training of ten students (six PhDs, one MSc, one post-doc, two interns and one research associate) who will become highly qualified personnel to serve our industry and our society."

Industry involvement

The research will also bring together thirteen partners including eight industrial partners located in Saskatchewan (Canadian Light Source) and in Ontario (Liburdi) and four research institutes.