Reliant Finishing Systems recently named J.R. Stewart, one of the powder coating equipment industry’s most experienced technicians, its new national sales manager. In this new role, Mr. Stewart will support Reliant’s popular line of powder coating booths and powder curing ovens for “batch” applications, as well as Reliant Finishing Systems' new line of automated offerings. The agreement establishes Stewart as a new point of contact for Reliant’s industrial, aerospace and automotive clients.

"I’m very excited about working with Reliant Finishing Systems," said Stewart, who was previously the national service manager for Powder-X Coating Systems. "Even when we were competitors, I had a great deal of respect for their products and admired their approach to customer support. I’ve always focused on providing prompt service to my customers, day or night. As a Reliant employee, I will continue to help equipment buyers improve their productivity and reduce downtime."

John Thomason, Reliant Finishing Systems' executive vice president, commented on Stewart's appointment: “Due in part to Reliant’s rapid growth, we needed to improve the customer support system we had in place. We were familiar with J.R. from his involvement with Powder-X. As the manufacturer of most of the booths and ovens sold under the Powder-X brand from 2005 to 2008, we had a chance to work closely with Mr. Stewart and evaluate his knowledge and technical savvy firsthand. He commissioned countless coating systems during that period and showed a combination of skill and tireless determination that was very commendable. When we got the opportunity to work with him as an employee, we took action right away.”

The praises don't end there. Michael Schuerer, president of Reliant Finishing Systems, stated that the new relationship with Stewart will assure customers of excellent support after the sale and instantly improve Reliant's technical capabilities. “Mr. Stewart is unique in that he has worked with literally hundreds of coating systems during his career," Schuerer stated. "I believe that he has personally commissioned more powder curing ovens than anyone in the business. As a result of his experience, he has compiled an extensive amount of information about powder coating equipment and processes.”

Reliant’s dry-off ovens, powder curing ovens, and powder coating spray booths will be commissioned and supported by Stewart. He will also offer site surveys, system evaluations, and technical service for blast rooms, wash booths, pretreatment stations, and other powder coating equipment. Furthermore, Stewart will assist Reliant's technical support staff and help with the layout and design of its automated systems. Finally, he will work directly with end-customers as well as Reliant Finishing Systems' growing network of distributors.

“Mr. Stewart has a skill set that will help set Reliant apart from our competitors," Schuerer added. "His insight will enable our clients to make confident decisions about equipment calibration, maintenance, upgrades and repairs."