Porvair Filtration Group has launched a new range of steam filters for process and culinary applications.

Porvair’s process steam filters feature Sinterflo stainless steel filter elements available in high quality 316L sintered metal fiber, metal mesh and sintered metal powder media.

The filters are available in a range of grades for the bespoke requirements of production processes across applications such as sterile packaging, pharmaceuticals, brewing, dairy farming, food and beverage, and chemical production.

 Porvair also supplies a range of filters for the production of particulate-free culinary steam for critical applications that come in direct contact with food, beverages, pharmaceuticals or product contact surfaces. These exceed the 3A Sanitary Standards 609-03, and are designed to remove more than 95% of 2 micron particles.

All components used in the construction of elements are FDA approved to 21CFR, manufactured according to DIN ENISO 9001, and meet or exceed the latest EC Directives for Food Contact.

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