With this certification, the Dalian factory is the first SKF LEED gold project in China and the fourth SKF facility across the globe to attain a LEED certification.

“For many years, SKF has a focus on finding ways to reduce our impact on the environment," said Tom Johnstone, SKF president and CEO. "We made the decision a number of years ago that all our new facilities should be build to the LEED standard. In addition, we launched our aggressive new climate targets last year. I am delighted that our Dalian factory has achieved Gold status, which will ensure we minimise the local environmental impacts as much as possible, as well as help us to achieve our global targets.”

According to SKF, the factory has nearly 21% better energy efficiency compared to US building standards, and solar energy is used for hot water heating. There is a CO2 sensor to ensure the fresh air rate and reduce the energy use and a high reflection roof to reduce the heat island effect. The building uses 40% less water compared to normal building standards and features a large open area with local vegetation to provide habit and promote biodiversity and also help reduce irrigation water use.