SUR/FIN 2012 marked the launch of The Finishing Experts, a new Web-based source providing technical information for the surface finishing industry.

Envisioned and created by the duo Dan Dunigan (A-Brite) and Kenn Leuzinger, The Finishing Experts is a Web-based consulting group offering self-help information as well as expert consulting in the areas of chemical/process support and troubleshooting—all in real time, 24 hours a day. Visitors can also schedule a video consulting session with a live finishing expert.

“By connecting visitors to finishing experts around the country in real time, we can fine-tune customers’ processes to make their shops more efficient and productive,” said Leuzinger, who serves as the company’s director of Web development. “When our customers log-in to our secure website, they can access our knowledgeable database to do metal finishing research on things such as plating, anodizing, galvanizing, powder coatings, chromate conversion coatings, and more.”

Aside from the basic “Q&A” function, The Finishing doubles as a sales and support engine with—according to Leuzinger—the capablity to streamline and modernize conventional metal finishing operations through IT business process management. “Imagine your sales team being able to instantly sell to, consult, and troubleshoot your finishing and chemical customers without paying for travel?” Leuzinger stated.

The Finishing is also positioned as a customer support portal, an “idea-sharing” forum where customers can suggest and discuss their product needs and enhancements with salespeople and engineers. The idea is to connect various participants across the supply chain for the purpose of finding solutions.

Dunigan is excited about the opportunities that The Finishing Experts program offers the industry. “Our goal is to create a community that finishing companies and their suppliers can visit to learn about new products, post jobs, and advertise underutilized processes,” he said.

For more information, please visit or call (214) 769-8489, or e-mail