Montreal, Canada-based Protech/Oxyplast Group, one of the world’s largest manufacturers and marketers of powder coatings, has agreed to purchase the powder coating business and manufacturing assets of Innotek Powder Coatings of Big Spring, Texas. Innotek, formerly a wholly owned subsidiary of Wagner & Brown, Ltd., is a well-recognized name within the powder coatings industry, specializing in high-performance thermoplastic powder coatings.  Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

“Innotek’s leading thermoplastic technology is a great addition to our global business," said David Ades, managing director of Protech. "It is complementary to our extensive thermoset powder coatings product range.”
According to Ades, Protech fully expects to benefit from the excellent business relationships and the unique thermoplastic technology that Innotek has developed over the years. Now in its 36th year of operation, Protech will integrate Innotek’s manufacturing operations into its own organization. Protech offers more than a dozen trademarked and registered end-use specific lines and coating formulations, including AG-KOTE, CLONECOAT, CURVE COAT, NANOFOILD, NUVO COAT, PERMASLIP, AND EBOND, to name a few. A project gallery featuring various applications of Protech's products is available online.