Emille de Blanche’s metal powder sculptures. (Photo courtesy Robin de Blanche.)
Emille de Blanche’s metal powder sculptures. (Photo courtesy Robin de Blanche.)

Metal powder specialist Höganäs says that artist Emille de Blanche has recently completed two major sculptures using its high alloy powder.

The Swedish artist used 100 kg of high alloy powder for her new project. Through her previous work, Emille de Blanche has worked with steel to create large sculptures, but metal powder has a completely different structure, she says.

‘When I first received the metal powder I started to experiment,’ added De Blanche.‘I mixed it with other materials, such as polystyrene and binders to see how they reacted together. Every material has its own qualities and the first experimental phase is very important. That’s when I investigate the limits and possibilities of each material.

‘The sculpture I call ‘Split’ is a combination of steel and metal powder. It’s two metres high and the surface is a mix between the rawness of the powder and the slick steel. I’d like to keep on experimenting with metal powder,’ she said.

Emille de Blanche created two major pieces of art that were exhibited in Stockholm earlier this year. The sculptures will appear at Bromölla Konsthall (Bromölla Art Gallery) in the south of Sweden in early 2019, and later in Gothenburg.

‘Höganäs didn’t hesitate to donate metal powder to Emille’s project,’ said Ulrika Rask-Lindholm, head of Communications at Höganäs. Through this project, our metal powder is transformed into art pieces and will reach a lot of people who are unfamiliar with the material.

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