UK automotive plants manufactured 141,146 cars in that month, and car manufacturing posted a 42.2% hike in May, with year-to-date volumes up 17.3%. However, commercial vehicle output was subdued in the month with 9,445 vehicles produced, a 7.4% decline. UK engine manufacturing rose 13.4% in May, as year-to-date volumes topped the one million mark.
“Car manufacturing in May hit the highest level of output since 2004 posting 42.2% growth, a sizable recovery against volumes hampered by last year’s Japanese tsunami,” said Paul Everitt, SMMT chief executive. “This boost, coupled with robust year-to-date results demonstrates the strength of UK automotive manufacturing and shows why it continues to attract high levels of international investment.
“While commercial vehicle output remains subdued, in line with restrained levels of demand, the year’s engine output volume passed one million in May and is more than 40,000 units ahead of last year.”