The 2012 world vehicle production reached 84.1 million vehicles of all types.
The 2012 world vehicle production reached 84.1 million vehicles of all types.

After a dramatic fall in 2009 to 61.8 million units due to the 2008 global economic crisis, the world vehicles production has recovered globally, with sharp discrepancies depending on the various regions.

Some highlights:

  • Asia maintained its leadership, with a total production reaching 43.7 million units in 2012, followed by the Americas at 20 million. Europe trailed with a figure of less than 20 million.
  • Europe’s share in the global auto production is now at only 19%; however, other European countries, including Russia and Turkey, grew by 4%, maintaining their share of global production at 4%. NAFTA production grew sharply by 17%, confirming the 2011 recovery. Its share in global production grew to 19%, while South and Central American production was slightly reduced (-2%), stopping the continuous growth tendency observed since 2003. The global share is stable at 5%.  
  • Japan and South Korean production increased by 11%, resulting in a global share at 17%, and China, India and other Asian countries’ production continued to increase (+6%), albeit at a slower rate than in previous years. The share in global production continued to increased, reaching now 35%. In Africa, production grew by 5%, with a global share stable at 1%.
  • Currently, almost half of global sales now occur in Asia, with China alone accounting for more than 23% of the worldwide sales figures. For 2013, OICA estimates that sales will further grow by about 3%, especially thanks to good forecasts in China and USA. Prospects in the European Union, however, remain bleak, OICA notes.

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