Applied Graphene Materials says that it has fulfilled a purchase order for a graphene enhanced automotive aerosol primer, as part of its aim to commercialize its graphene powder.

‘The Board continues to focus on the commercialisation of its products and proprietary technologies via its numerous active engagements and has made good progress in recent months,’ said chairman, Bryan Dobson. ‘I am pleased to report that we have recently achieved a key milestone, having fulfilled the scale-up production purchase order from James Briggs Ltd (JBL) in preparation for full product launch. JBL has successfully completed its first production batch which is a significant milestone for commercial realisation. Extensive testing has demonstrated repeated and outstanding improvements in anti-corrosion performance for JBL’s automotive aerosol primer.’

The company has also participated in the opening of the UK’s Graphene Engineering and Innovation Centre (GEIC) in Manchester, UK.

‘Finding practical application solutions for the challenges surrounding the exploitation of graphene nanoplatelet technology is the key focus of AGM’s strategy for commercial progress and this is wholly complementary to the objectives of GEIC,’ added Dobson.

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