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Materials Today: Proceedings
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If you are a conference organizer interested in publishing conference proceedings in the journal, please complete the proposal template and email the editorial team at, taking note of the following requirements for eligibility:

  • Your proposal must be sent via an institutional email address (i.e. .ac or .edu);
  • The conference website must be live and a link included in your proposal document.  Conferences without a website will not be considered for inclusion.
  • Please include CVs + Publication Lists of all nominated Guest Editors alongside the completed proposal form.  Links to online institutional profiles (preferred) or Google Scholar/ResearchGate/ (for example) are appreciated, but not formally required. 

Materials Today: Proceedings provides the materials science community with a fast and flexible route to the publication of research presented at national and international scientific conferences in the field of materials science, technology and engineering.

Guest Editors are responsible for quality control, the peer review process and the content of individual conference papers. Conference proceedings are only permitted for publication in Materials Today: Proceedings following approval of a completed conference proposal form. All papers must be original, and peer-review is mandatory.

The journal is indexed in Scopus (Elsevier) and the CPCI (Thomson Reuters, Web of Science.

What can Materials Today: Proceedings offer authors and conference organizers?

Accepted proceedings are published on ScienceDirect; organizers are also welcome to order optional print issues, CDs and USBs. Organizers and individual orders are also welcome to order small volumes of print issues via the Elsevier Webshop. There is no limit to the amount of papers an issue can contain.

Templates (both Latex and Word) are provided to assist in the publication and the final online papers contain linked references, XML versions and DOI numbers.

Please note: The use of the journal's editorial submission platform - for the submission of manuscripts and to conduct the peer review process - is now a requirement for all articles published in Materials Today: Proceedings. The supply of manuscripts (and peer review reports) outside of the editorial submission platform (such as via email of FTP), is no longer supported.

Is the journal open access?

The journal offers full open access, hybrid open access and traditional subscription-based publishing options. The cost for both open access issues and open access articles is USD150 per paper.

If you are a conference organizer interested in publishing conference proceedings in the journal, please complete the proposal template and email the editorial team at

Please include CVs/Publication Lists of all nominated Guest Editors alongside the completed proposal form.

The events listed below comprise those events with an active partnership with Elsevier for the publication of proceedings in Materials Today: Proceedings.  Conferences not listed below are not associated with or authorized by Materials Today: Proceedings.

Upcoming issues

International Conference on Cutting-edge Research in Material Science and Chemistry - (CRMSC-2021) | 11–12 January 2021 | Manipal University, Jaipur

5th International Conference on Recent Advances in Material Chemistry -(ICRAMC - 2021) | 18–20 February 2021 Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.

International Conference on Advancement in Materials, Manufacturing and Energy Engineering - (ICAMME-2021) | 18–20 February 2021 Bhopal, India

International Conference on Technological Advancements in Materials Science and Manufacturing - (ICTAMSM 2021) | 19–20 February 2021 | Uttarakhand, India.

2nd International Conference on Aspects of Materials Science and Engineering - (ICAMSE2021) | 5–6 March 2021 Chandigarh, India

International Conference on Novel Engineering Materials for Biomedical, Energy, Environment, Sensing, And Other Applications - (ICONBEES21) | 11–13 March 2021 | Tiruchirappalli, India.

3rd International Conference On Advances in Mechanical Engineering and Nanotechnology - (ICAMEN 2021) |18–19 March 2021 Uttarakhand, India.

3rd International Conference on Materials, Manufacturing and Modelling - (ICMMM 2021) | 19–21 March 2021 | Vellore, India.

International Symposium of Reaction Engineering, Catalysis & Sustainable Energy - (RECaSE 2021) | 6 April 2021 Online

International Conference on “Technology Innovation in Mechanical Engineering” - (TIME-2021) | 22–23 April 2021 | Bhopal, India

International Conference on Futuristic Research in Engineering Smart Materials - (FRESM’21) | 23–24 April 2021 | CMR Institute of Technology, Bengaluru, India

2021 IEEE International Conference on Nanoelectronics, Nanophotonics, Nanomaterials, Nanobioscience & Nanotechnology - (5NANO 2021) | 29–30 April 2021India

1st International Conference on Computations in Materials and Applied Engineering - 2021| 1–2 May 2021 | Uttarakhand, India

International Conference on Materials and System Engineering - (ICMSE 2021) | 7–8 May 2021 Karnataka, India

International Scientific Network of Nanostructured and Advanced Materials 2021 - (ISNNAM 2021) | 7–9 May 2021Online

International Conference on Advances in Mechanical Engineering: Transcending Boundaries - (ICAMET 2021) | 27–28 May 2021 Kottayam, Kerala

4th Online International Conference on Science & Engineering of Materials - (ICSEM-2021) | 19–22 July 2021 Online (previously Greater Noida, India)

3rd Symposium on Industrial Science and Technology 2021 - (SISTEC 2021) | 25–26 August 2021Kuantan, Malaysia

Sizemat 3 - Third Workshop on Size-Dependent Effect in Materials for Environmental Protection and Energy Application 2021 | 12–15 September 2021 Pomorie, Bulgaria

Environment Concerns and its Remediation - (F-EIR Conference 2021) | 18–22 October 2021 Chandigarh, India

1st International Conference on Energy Materials - (ICEM 2021) | 5–8 November 2021Xiamen University, Malaysia

3rd International Conference on Smart and Sustainable Developments in Materials, Manufacturing and Energy Engineering - (SME 2021)  | 19–21 November 2021NMAM Institute of Technology, Nitte, Karnataka, India

International Conference on Materials Science and Sustainable Manufacturing Technology - (ICMSSMT 2022) | 20–21 May 2022 Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India

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