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Reinforced Plastics features, July 2015

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From molecule to manufacture

Tony McNally has focused his career on developing new composites based on nanomaterials.

Composites in commercial jets

Boys and girls who decades ago assembled scale-model aeroplanes in plastic are today doing the same for real aircraft at full scale.

A start-up company in the US has patented a new technique that can create authentic hinges in carbon fiber reinforced plastic.

Developing the Apeer range of composite doors has been a great example of how success hinges around planning and detailed practical experimentation.

The plastic market and composite market are rising with good growth perspectives in a near future, and much more important in the long term.

FMG’s Adrian Williams explains to Steve Calder that all carbon fiber is not created equal.

George Marsh discusses the future of wind energy and how the widespread use of vertical axis wind turbines (VAWTs) will impact reinforced plastics.

Here, Instron discuss their newly developed Advanced Video Extensometer (AVE 2) that will help mechanical testing in both R&D and QC testing labs.

With the aircraft and automotive industry starting to use carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastics as an alternative for metal, more research is needed.

A new report commissioned by Composites Germany shows the growth of glass fiber reinforced plastics in Europe.

Reinforced Plastics spoke to Dr Soraia Pimenta about a new area of multi-scale discontinuous composites.

Django Mathijsen discusses structural health monitoring (SHM) and how it is entering real world applications.

Rosalı´a Guerra Tornero looks at the many reasons that encourage the composite materials sector to be widely used in the market of cars manufacturing.

Download article here

Download article here

George Marsh describes how carbon has come out of hiding and is showing off its own unique aesthetic qualities.

Spectacular growth in the wind power business has prompted a host of new developments in the advanced composites sector.

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