This year’s technical conference in Santa Clara, the heart of California’s Silicon Valley and where the latest technologies for the “Internet of Things” are forged, features a Symposium on “Coating Technologies for the Interconnected Age”. The Symposium will highlight how capabilities within the SVC community relate to advancing mobility, durability and performance of mobile electronics. It augments our comprehensive TechCon program, including traditional sessions focused on our core technology areas, a business topics session, a two-day Technology Exhibit, a comprehensive Education Program with over 20 Tutorial Courses, and a variety of networking events. The TechCon is a proven venue to facilitate valuable connections between basic and applied research, scientist and engineer, industrially relevant “problems” and solutions, all in a business-friendly environment.

Highlight your latest research results and technology accomplishments with a contributed talk! Join us and connect at the 2015 TechCon in Santa Clara.