Surface science news, October 2021

Improvements to elastic polymer could reduce plastic pollution

Elastic polymer conflict resolved to help reduce plastic pollution

Researchers have designed a topological insulator in which the transmission of microwave photons can survive unprecedented levels of disorder.

Understanding how the mechanism by which mussels produce their glue

Researchers used liquid gallium to create a copper-based antiviral and antimicrobial coating for various fabrics, including facemasks.

3D-printed cheap and portable ventilators to combat Covid-19

Researchers have developed a computational model that can accurately determine the effect of sputtering on complicated, rough surfaces.

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Dopamine-containing tissue adhesive gelatin hydrogels for wound management

Current research

Current research

Researchers developed 'sticky' silica particles that can capture coronavirus particles and attached them to the surface of face masks.


For the first time, researchers have investigated what happens when they bombard a crystal with positrons, the antiparticle of an electron.