Surface science news, March 2022

New shock-absorbing material could improve safety of helmets and vehicles

New foam-like material could help road safety

2D molecular sieve with range of uses

Sieve for molecules from 2D silicon dioxide

Researchers have discovered the major reason why perovskite solar cells degrade in sunlight and developed a way to prevent it from happening.

Using X-rays, researchers have tracked lithium metal deposition and removal from battery anodes during charging and discharging.

Antimicrobial coating cuts odor through repeat washes

Researchers have developed novel processes for producing water-resistant packaging material from apple waste.

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Researchers have shown that machine learing can automatically process the diffraction patterns produced by analyzing suface superstructures on silicon.

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Non-toxic semiconductor alternative produces green hydrogen


Researchers have developed a polymer surface that can switch betweeen capturing and releasing biomolecules in response to an electrical signal.