Surface science news, July 2022

Researchers have shown that depositing a layer of buckyballs onto a gold surface does not turn it into an artificial version of graphene.

Digital fabrication brings smart textiles that sense posture and motion

comfortable and form-fitting smart textiles from pressure sensors

energy-saving, green gas separation process uses boron nitride (BN) powers and ball milling

Understanding how nanoparticles protect stone

Researchers have shown that their flash Joule heating method for producing graphene can also be used to produce boron nitride.

For the first time, researchers have measured the migration of carbon atoms over the surface of the two-dimensional material graphene.

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Researchers have discovered that the nanoscale events that occur at the surface of metals when they’re deformed can predict their fatigue strength.


3D printing of simulated Mars rock and dust


gold nanoparticles combined with a fluorescence dye improve the in vivo detection of Aβ aggregates for early diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease


Using sandpaper and a selection of powders, researchers have come up wth a simple method to make surfaces superhydrophobic.