Surface science news, September 2022

Crab shell battery offers high performance and sustainability

Sustainable zinc battery with a biodegradable electrolyte

Researchers have developed a new software platform that allows users to upload, analyze and share measurements of surface roughness.

3D printing of simulated Mars rock and dust

Researchers have discovered that the nanoscale events that occur at the surface of metals when they’re deformed can predict their fatigue strength.

High-quality cathode material made from sodium

Using a tip made from a samarium hexaboride nanowire, researchers have been able to image magnetic features with a scanning tunneling microscope.

Researchers have developed a sprayable ice-shedding material that is 100 times stronger than any others.

Researchers have developed a nano-engineered metasurface that can produce complex webs of entangled photons.

New curing technique speeds up direct ink writing

Researchers have discovered why friction and wear are reduced when two metal surfaces slide against each other at very high speeds.

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