Diamond and Related Materials: Read the review papers from the new special issue

Elsevier and the Editors of the journal Diamond and Related Materials are happy to invite you to read the review papers published in the Special Issue on Surface Modification and Characterization on Nanodiamond Particles. This special issue is dedicated to these open questions regarding nanodiamond and highlights forefront research in the field of nanodiamond chemistry and physics.

Nanodiamond has gained considerable attention in the last few years as it has been considered to be one of the most promising nanocarbon materials for a variety of applications. Although its discovery dates back to the 1960s, intense research activity begun only much later. This is obviously also due to a number of highly complex questions regarding its structure, colloidal behaviour and reactivity. These include e.g. the nature of the surface groups, their influence on electronic properties, the formation and behaviour of lattice defects, the agglomeration of nanodiamond in different media from organic solvents to biofluids as well as the influence of surface orientation, termination and particle size for the reactivity towards organic and inorganic reaction partners.

This special issue is dedicated to these open questions regarding nanodiamond and highlights forefront research in the field of nanodiamond chemistry and physics. In particular, articles on novel surface chemistry, optical, electronic and magnetic, biomedical and physical properties and their control as well as applications of functional nanodiamond materials are invited. Furthermore, studies on the use of spectroscopic and other analytical tools for the in-depth analysis of nanodiamond’s properties review the latest techniques in nanodiamond characterisation.

Read the review articles here:

             J. C. Arnault

Michel Mermoux, Shery Chang, Hugues A. Girard, Jean-Charles Arnault

Tristan Petit, Ljiljana Puskar

The articles are free to read until 20th December 2018.