Freely available articles online from Surface & Coatings Technology

Surface & Coatings Technology periodically invites leading scientists to write a review article for this journal. Topics and authors are nominated by the editorial board of the journal. In 2014 Surface & Coatings Technology published nine such articles and these articles have now been made freely available for you to read online.

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History of diamond-like carbon films — From first experiments to worldwide applications
Klaus Bewilogua, Dieter Hofmann
Volume 242, Pages 214-225

Wear resistance optimisation of composite coatings by computational microstructural modelling
Kenneth Holmberg, Anssi Laukkanen, Erja Turunen, Tarja Laitinen
Volume 247, Pages 1-13

Measurement of fracture strength in brittle thin films  
Oscar Borrero-Lopez, Mark Hoffman
Volume 254, Pages 1-10

High velocity impact induced microstructure evolution during deposition of cold spray coatings: A review  
Xiao-Tao Luo, Cheng-Xin Li, Fu-Lin Shang, Guan-Jun Yang, Yu-Yue Wang, Chang-Jiu Li
Volume 254, Pages 11-20

Toward hard yet tough ceramic coatings  
Yu Xi Wang, Sam Zhang
Volume 258, Pages 1-16

Functional and smart coatings for corrosion protection: A review of recent advances
M.F. Montemor
Volume 258, Pages 17-37

On the deposition and properties of DLC protective coatings on elastomers: A critical review
D. Martinez-Martinez, J.Th.M. De Hosson
Volume 258, Pages 677-690

Ultrasound-assisted electrodeposition of composite coatings with particles
Ignacio Tudela, Yi Zhang, Madan Pal, Ian Kerr, Andrew J. Cobley
Volume 259, Part C, Pages 363-373

Versatile electrochemical coatings and surface layers from aqueous methanesulfonic acid
Frank C. Walsh, Carlos Ponce de León
Volume 259, Part C, Pages 676-697