The 30 ft diameter by 43 ft high tank was made using Ashland's Derakane 411 and Derakane 470 epoxy vinyl ester resins suitable for chemical environments. Derakane 411, in particular, contains a double veil corrosion barrier that could significantly increase the service life of the tanks.

ECC manufactured the tank using a self-designed and -manufactured custom vertical winder. This saved the company 20% compared to the cost of a commercially manufactured winder. The in-house winder also enabled the production of tank segments that could be assembled on the customer’s site without adjustments.

“This tank was our largest in-plant vessel to date, and our new in-house winder gives us the capability to retool quickly in order to deliver the rest of the oversized tanks required under this contract in advance of deadlines,” says Sam Fairchild, Chief Executive Officer at ECC of Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin, USA.

The tank is the first in a series of 16 that ECC will manufacture and deliver over the next months. The tanks will enable the customer to the switch to the environmentally friendly membrane cell process in the manufacturing of chlor-alkali.