More than 40 000 square feet of concrete surface were rehabilitated and strengthened.
More than 40 000 square feet of concrete surface were rehabilitated and strengthened.

A new power plant will add 815 MW of capacity to PT Paiton Energy’s complex in Paiton, East Java, Indonesia. The site has an existing 1230 MW facility.

The new unit will use the aeration pit for seawater that is circulated through the cooling water system and for water used to scrub sulphates from stack emissions. This aggressive liquid environment is combined with temperatures as high as 122°F (50°C).

Protective composite liner

“We worked closely with the civil contractors to demonstrate that the AOC technology meets the demanding criteria for the application,” explains Jason Triggs, technical sales consultant for Nuplex Composites.

“The Vipel F010 resin series is based on a versatile bisphenol-A epoxy chemistry that allows for a range of formulations. Nuplex Composites was able to tailor the resin to balance process, cost and performance requirements.”

The resin is said to process well at high temperatures and meets the need for a long pot life. The formulation also addressed thixotropic needs for vertical application to 16.4 ft (5 m) high walls without running.

PT Samudera Indoraya Perkasa, of Surabaya, Indonesia, applied the protective composite liner. After preparing the concrete surface, workers manually applied a laminate of Vipel F010 resin-impregnated glass fibre chopped strand mat.

Finally, a topcoat of Vipel F010 resin with synthetic surfacing veil was applied to establish a resin-intensive layer with high corrosion resistance.

In addition to the resin, Nuplex Composites supplied the veil and mat used to protect the concrete substrate of two aeration pit sections and its beams. A total of 40 709 ft2 (3782 m2) of surface received the corrosion-resistant protection.