Surface science products, January 2014

The new WITec Suite software is now available for all WITec imaging systems.

ZEISS Smartzoom 5 First Automated Digital Microscope - In an industrial environment, suited to conducting failure analyses.

FEI announces the availability of the NanoEx™-i/v sample holder for atomic-resolution imaging at elevated temperatures and applied electrical bias.

TMC13 Deposition Rate Controller now supports Multi-Crystal sensors

NT-MDT proudly announces Titanium, the first AFM with a self-aligning, multiple probe cartridge for fast, automated tip exchange.

TESCAN ORSAY HOLDING, a.s., and WITec GmbH jointly launch the RISE Microscopy for Correlative Raman-SEM Imaging .

Park Systems, a leading manufacturer of Atomic Force Microscopy systems since 1997, announced PinPoint Conductive AFM.

The ease of use and excellent stability of the KL-AVP anti-vibration platform makes it ideal for microscope users who need to eliminate vibrations.

HORIBA Scientific is pleased to announce the launch of a new generation of phase modulation spectroscopic ellipsometer for VUV measurements.

The new ConfoGate CGM-100 optical portal system of confovis GmbH allows standardized roughness measurements for the first time.

New stylus profiler enables semi-automated measurements with uncompromised 300mm access.

The newly developed focused ion beam (FIB) column enables fast and precise materials processing.

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