Materials Today is proud to present a range of freely accessible articles on the various techniques that comprise modern thermal analysis.

Thermal analysis covers a range of techniques used to determine the physical or chemical properties of a substance as it is heated, cooled or held at constant temperature. These techniques date back to 1887, in what is considered the dawn of present-day thermal analysis, when Henry Le Chatelier carried out his first thermometric measurements on clays. Since then materials scientists have been fascinated by thermal analysis due its dual nature: not only does it provide analytical information on the fundamental properties of materials, but it is also a core engineering tool, vital to the development of industrial products.

With presentations from experts in the field, articles and interviews, we hope that you will find this section of to be an invaluable resource for exploring the potential of thermal analysis techniques including differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA), flash DSC, thermogravimetric analysis (TGA), thermomechanical analysis (TMA) and much more.

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***NEW*** Fabrication and properties of graphene reinforced silicon nitride composite materials 
Yaping Yang, Bin Li, Changrui Zhang, Siqing Wang, Kun Liu, Bei Yang
Materials Science and Engineering: A 644 (2015) Pages 90-95

***NEW*** Graphene-containing flowable electrodes for capacitive energy storage 
M. Boota, K.B. Hatzell, M. Alhabeb, E.C. Kumbur, Y. Gogotsi
Carbon Journal 92 (2015) Pages 142-149

Phase transformation behavior of cold rolled 0.1C–5Mn steel during heating process studied by differential scanning calorimetry
Jun Hu, Wenquan Cao, Cunyu Wang, Han Dong, Jian Li
Materials Science and Engineering: A 636 (2015) 108–116

Evaluation of aluminosilicate glass sintering during differential scanning calorimetry
J.P. Souza, J.R. Martinelli
Ceramics International 41 (2015) 7296–7301

A thermo-gravimetric analysis study on the chlorination reaction of ZIRLO cladding hulls
Min Ku Jeon, Yong Taek Choi, Jin-Mok Hur, Do-Hee Ahn
Journal of Nuclear Materials 465 (2015) 28–33

Continuous damage parameter calculation under thermo-mechanical random loading
Marko Nagode
Methods X 1 (2014) 81–89.

On the microsegregation of Al–Mg alloys by thermal analysis and numerical modeling
M.H. Avazkonandeh-Gharavol, M. Haddad-Sabzevar, H. Fredriksson
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 610 (2014) 462–471

Thermal analysis of disulfonated poly(arylene ether sulfone) plasticized with poly(ethylene glycol) for membrane formation
Hee Jeung Oh, Benny D. Freeman, James E. McGrath, Chang Hyun Lee, Donald R. Paul
Polymer 55 (2014) 235–247

Thermal analysis of convective fin with temperature-dependent thermal conductivity and heat generation
Seiyed E. Ghasemi, M. Hatami, D.D. Ganji
Case Studies in Thermal Engineering 4, 1-8.

Lead telluride alloy thermoelectrics
Aaron D. LaLonde, Yanzhong Pei, Heng Wang, G. Jeffrey Snyder
Materials Today 14(11) 526–532

Nanoscale infrared spectroscopy
Craig Prater, Kevin Kjoller, Roshan Shetty
Materials Today 13(11) 56–60

Managing heat for electronics
Patrick K. Schelling, Li Shi, Kenneth E. Goodson
Materials Today 8(6) 30–35


Thermal management in organic optoelectronic devices: road to commercialization
Priyanka Tyagi

Nickel alloys and the challenge of thermal analysis
Laurie Winkless


Lindsay Chapman from the UK National Physical Laboratory explains her work on thermal analysis.