What is Transfer Manager?

If your manuscript is not accepted for publication in your first-choice journal, you may be offered the option of submitting your manuscript to Transfer Manager. Manuscripts submitted to the Transfer Manager service will be assessed by our expert team: following review, the team will recommend the transfer of your manuscript to the most suitable journal(s).


How does it work?

1. Submit your manuscript to Transfer Manager:

a) If you received a link to automatically transfer your paper to Transfer Manager via our Article Transfer Service, please follow the link and instructions provided.

b) If you did not receive a link to use the automated Article Transfer Service - or you have misplaced the link - please submit your manuscript directly to Transfer Manager via the following web page: https://www.editorialmanager.com/transfermgr

2. On receipt of your manuscript, our expert team will assess your manuscript. The team may request a revision to improve the manuscript and facilitate publication at this stage.

3. The Transfer Manager team will recommend one or more journals that they believe are the most suitable for your manuscript.

4. You may then select your preferred journal from the recommendations provided. If you do not wish to submit your manuscript to any of the recommended journals, you may decline the offer.

5. If you decide to submit to one of the recommended journals - and accept the transfer offer - you will be guided through the process of transferring your manuscript via our Article Transfer Service.

6. Prior to final submission to your preferred journal, you will be given the opportunity to make changes to the manuscript.

7. Your paper will be evaluated by the Editors of your preferred journal. Any peer-review comments associated with the manuscript, or recommendations from the Transfer Manager, will be transferred to the Editors of your preferred journal. 

While the Transfer Manager service does not constitute a guarantee that your paper will be accepted in your preferred journal, it is our hope that this service will help expedite the publication process for promising papers.


Contact us

If you have further questions about Transfer Manager, please contact transfermanager@elsevier.com. Please use the phrase "Transfer Manager" in the subject line.

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