Winning cover image, Materials Today (2015) Volume 18, Issue 6, by Li Zhang.
Winning cover image, Materials Today (2015) Volume 18, Issue 6, by Li Zhang.

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4D analysis of the microstructural evolution of Si-based electrodes during lithiation: Time-lapse X-ray imaging and digital volume correlation
Paz-Garcia et al., Journal of Power Sources, Volume 320, 15 July 2016, Pages 196–203

Three dimensional microstructural characterization of nanoscale precipitates in AA7075-T651 by focused ion beam (FIB) tomography
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Three-dimensional phase segregation of micro-porous layers for fuel cells by nano-scale X-ray computed tomography
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Advancing FIB assisted 3D EBSD using a static sample setup
Guyon et al., Ultramicroscopy; Volume 161, February 2016, Pages 161–167

Multi-scale Characterization of Lithium Ion Battery Cathode Material by Correlative X-ray and FIB-SEM Microscopy
Zeiss Application note.

Structural analysis of the tongue and hyoid apparatus in a woodpecker
Jung et al., Acta Biomaterialia, Volume 37, June 2016, Pages 1–13UCSD, Biomaterials, Versa, Acta Biomaterialia.

High Resolution STEM and EDS Study of Chromium Depletion in Stainless Steel    
Zeiss Application note.

Application of X-ray microtomography for the characterisation of hollow polymer-stabilised spray dried amorphous dispersion particles
Gamble et al., International Journal of Pharmaceutics, Volume 510, Issue 1, 20 August 2016, Pages 1–8

Formation mechanism of channel segregation in carbon steels by inclusion flotation: X-ray microtomography characterization and multi-phase flow modeling
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