"Who dominates materials dominates technology"
Dr. Tadahiro Sekimoto

The scope of Materials Technology
Materials especially crystalline materials provide the foundation of our modern technologically driven world. The domination of materials is achieved through detailed scientific research.

Advances in the techniques of growing and assessing ever more perfect crystals of a wide range of materials lie at the roots of much of today's advanced technology. The evolution and development of crystalline materials involves research by dedicated scientists in academia as well as industry involving a broad field of disciplines including biology, chemistry, physics, material sciences and engineering. Crucially important applications in information technology, photonics, energy storage and harvesting, environmental protection, medicine and food production require a deep understanding of and control of crystal growth. This can involve suitable growth methods and material characterization from the bulk down to the nano-scale.

The knowledge gained requires authentication by publication and peer review. Since the literature is expanding faster than almost any other comparable field of science, it has become increasingly important for the scientific community to fill the need for communication and rapid publication of review articles and conference reports in order to keep abreast of developments in this field. Besides allowing a fast extraction of the available literature and giving state-of the art overviews, the reviews are to inspire scientists across the disciplines and to stimulate "blue-sky thinking".

The scope of the journal
Progress in Crystal Growth and Characterization of Materials is the only review journal on crystal growth and material assessment including novel applications as well as growth and characterization methods, and acts as a rapid publication medium for review articles and conference reports in the field. Emphasis on practical developments and problems ensures its importance also for scientists in industry.

Invited review papers only.
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