“Scientists invent the existing world while engineers create a new world.” For the engineers to be creative, they need to develop new ideas and concepts. These ideas and concepts are to be validated through technical advancements in materials science and manufacturing. Keeping in view aforesaid facts the title of conference is chosen as “International Conference on Technological Advancements in Materials Science and manufacturing”. The economic growth of a nation largely depends upon the development of new technologies and products that suits to ever changing demands of consumer. The engineers need to cope with the tremendous pressure created by ever changing consumer requirement on the Industry. Engineers need to enhance their creative skills to meet out the challenges being faced by Industry. The conference focuses on the role of mechanical engineers in development affordable technologies and concepts to fulfill the consumer requirement. It is important for the engineers to lookout for research and development opportunities. The pace of development needs to be enhanced to balance the reduced lifecycle of technologies and products. Using these technologies as tools we have to breathe life in to the product to make it commercially viable with a futuristic outlook without sacrificing quality and durability. While development of new technologies and concepts engineer should ensure the protection of environment & recyclability.

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