Bioprocess Engineering is the application of different biotechnological processes for manufacturing of biological products using living cells. The significance of Bioprocess Engineering lies not only to deliver value added products such as beverages, primary and secondary metabolites, cells, tissues, vaccines, and therapeutic proteins, but also to generate wealth from renewable sources and minimize man-made environmental pollution. Along with this main theme, the conference will also cover important recent areas in Bioprocessing Research such as biosensors, micro-reactors, novel separation techniques, bioprocess control, biosafety, advanced techniques for waste to wealth generation, and nanobiotechnology.

This conference aims to be a remarkable event which brings together national and international mix of researchers, faculty members from leading research institutions and universities and also executives from clinical and pharmaceutical industries. ICABET-2020 will be a right platform to share research experience, discussion over emerging innovations on Bioprocess Technology and foster collaboration with academia and industry.

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