Composites Part B: Engineering publishes impactful research of high quality on composite materials, supported by fundamental mechanics and materials science and engineering approaches. Targeted research may cover a range of length scales from nano, over micro and meso to full product/structure level, with a focus on Engineering embracing high performance applications spanning from low volume/high cost to high volume/low cost composite development.

The Journal aims to provide a forum for the prompt publication of original and high quality research, with emphasis on design, development, modelling, validation and manufacturing of engineering details and concepts. Basic research papers are welcomed as well as proposals for review articles. Authors are encouraged to address challenges across application areas, such as (but not limited to) aerospace, automotive and other surface transportation, energy (renewable applications encouraged), infrastructure, off-shore, maritime, health care technology, and recreational products.

Current topics of key interest to the readers of the Journal include all aspects related to manufacturing, design, validation, characterisation/testing, performance, application and sustainability of composite materials, and including functional and smart composite materials, novel composite material concepts, and also biomimetics and bio-based composites.