Advances in 2D Materials

Vivienne Raper and Jon Evans

In this, the second of two special reports, science writers Vivienne Raper and Jon Evans provide their insights into the hottest research topics in 2D materials by looking through the publication data provided by Scopus and SciVal.

This new report, Advances in 2D Materials, provides detailed insights into the current state and future prospects of this exciting and cutting-edge field, based on research data provided by Scopus and SciVal, part of Elsevier’s research intelligence suite. Using the wealth of data provided by Scopus and SciVal, the authors of this report have been able to gain insight into the hottest research topics in 2D materials and the countries that are most active in this research, and how this has changed over the past few years. They have also been able to identify which countries are producing the most influential research, and which materials and applications are closest to being commercialized. To add expert analysis, they conducted interviews with the editors-in-chief of some of Elsevier’s high-impact materials journals, who gave their personal views on the current state of research into 2D materials and its future development. This report begins by describing the history, properties, applications, and synthesis processes for the main 2D materials, including graphene, transition metal dichalcogenides, and hexagonal boron nitride. The next chapter contains a detailed analysis of research data on 2D materials derived from Scopus and SciVal, and includes a host of informative tables and graphs. Finally, the last chapter examines the patent landscape for 2D materials and their commercialization prospects, and predicts how the field will develop over the next few years.

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A summary of this report has been published as The wonderful world of materials: Perspectives on the materials research landscape in the journal Materials Today. Volume 22, January–February 2019, Pages 1-2.