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Could solar windows harvest energy from the rain?

For the first time, researchers have worked out how to 3D-print a particularly strong form of stainless steel.

A novel nanophotonic material made from oxide layers can control the flow of infrared radiation and withstand high temperatures in air.

Sustainable zinc battery with a biodegradable electrolyte

egg white proteins can be transformed into ultralightweight carbon aerogels for highly efficient water purification

By doping with a high-entropy alloy, researchers have been able to make lithium-ion battery cathodes with nickel rather than cobalt.

Researchers have developed a programmable soft metasurface that can continuously change its shape.

Researchers have developed a new software platform that allows users to upload, analyze and share measurements of surface roughness.

Researchers have developed a colloidal synthesis method for producing alkaline-earth chalcogenide nanocrystals wth defined sizes.

3D printing of simulated Mars rock and dust

conductive cotton thread can be machine-embroidered onto textiles to create wearable sensors

Researchers have discovered that the nanoscale events that occur at the surface of metals when they’re deformed can predict their fatigue strength.

A new design principle can predict whether metallic compounds are likely to host topological states that arise from strong electron interactions.

High-quality cathode material made from sodium

Using a tip made from a samarium hexaboride nanowire, researchers have been able to image magnetic features with a scanning tunneling microscope.

Researchers have unexpectedly discovered that iron-germanium crystals with a kagome lattice display both magnetism and charge density waves.

Researchers have created a metal nanoparticle called a 'nanorattle' that can amplify and detect signals from cancer-detecting nanoprobes.

Researchers have developed a 3D nanolattice that possesses a property known as anelasticity, which could form the basis for tiny shock absorbers.

Researchers have developed a sprayable ice-shedding material that is 100 times stronger than any others.

Researchers have developed a nano-engineered metasurface that can produce complex webs of entangled photons.

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