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Materials news, September 2019

UK engine production up 7.6% in August

UK automotive engine manufacturing rose 7.6% in August following the summer shutdown, according to The SMMT.

Covestro focuses on Chinese market

Polymer specialist Covestro says that it is focusing on the Chinese market in developing a range of its products.

A new model shows how rubbing two objects together produces static electricity by bending tiny protrusions on the surface of the objects.

Researchers have built and tested a photonic topological insulator with edges that can be redefined on the fly for routing photons around each other.

Materials specialist Umicore has formed a multi-year strategic supply agreement with Korean chemical company LG Chem.

Only around 1% of the surface area of the electrodes in organic solar cells needs to be electrically conductive for them to be fully effective.

mechanically-triggered origami-inspired approach creates complex three-dimensional structures for biomedicine, electronics or robotics

Polynt-Reichhold Group, which makes composite materials, coating resins and gel coats, plans to expand its business in the Americas.

The Metal Powder Industries Federation (MPIF) has published its 2019 Edition of Standard Test Methods for Metal Powders and Powder Metallurgy Products.

Global value sales of expanded polystyrene (EPS) are projected to cross the US$ 15 billion mark by the end of 2019.

Dura Composites has published an article entitled Closing the Gap: Between Rail & Safety, examining the use of composites on train platforms.

Somerset Community College’s (SCC), Kentucky, USA has been awarded a grant to develop an additive manufacturing (AM) center of excellence.

Researchers have replaced the expensive metals and traditional liquid electrolyte in lithium-ion batteries with iron fluoride and a solid polymer.

Imperfections and electrochemically driven silicon-lithium alloying reactions allow a new silicon-based metamaterial to deform to order.

Composites Europe has appointed Goetz-Ulf Jungmichel as its events director and Michael Köhler as acting sales director.

GE Additive has opened a new 40,000 m2 campus in Lichtenfels, Germany.

Hexcel reports that it has been approved by Boeing to produce its HexPEKK-100 aerospace structures for major commercial aircraft platforms.

Researchers have used computational techniques to identify 43 previously unknown forms of carbon that are thought to be stable and superhard.

coating based on a metal-organic framework containing silver nanoparticles could reduce spread of bacterial contamination of surgical devices and surfaces

Composites UK says that Ken Smart, McLaren Automotive’s executive director for business strategy, will speak at its 2019 Awards Dinner.

Dieffenbacher plans to showcase a range of its composite machine technology at the K Show, taking place in Dusseldorf, Germany, from 16-23 October.

A novel nanocomposite comprising bacteria-generated tellurium nanorods embedded in a polymer makes an effective nonlinear optical material.

Researchers have identified a new electron wave in cuprates that could help reveal some of the mysteries of superconducting materials.

Industrial Fiberglass Specialties (IFS) plans to expand its line of filament wound, corrosion resistant glass fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) materials.

Technyl, a Solvay polyamide 6.6 brand, will be featured at plastics show K 2019 taking place from 16-24 October in Dusseldorf, Germany.

3D printing company Renishaw says that it is considering reorganizing its additive manufacturing (AM) business.

Plansee USA says that it is celebrating its 80-year anniversary.

Scientists have discovered a long-sought ‘quantum spin liquid state’ in sodium ytterbium oxide, which could prove of use for quantum computing.

Scientists have developed a highly durable fuel cell catalyst by using selenium to anchor platinum particles to their carbon support material.

Researchers report the first direct observation of transition carriers between different localization states within indium gallium nitride.

Resin transfer molding (RTM) company Composite Integration has moved to a new facility site in Saltash, UK.

DuPont Biomaterials was selected to take part in a United Nations (UN) Trade Forum to tackle the current climate emergency.

2019 British car manufacturing output declined 10.6% in July, with 108,239 units produced, according to figures from the SMMT.

PyroGenesis Canada, which makes plasma atomized metal powder, reports Q2 revenues of CAN$913,769, a decrease from CAN $1,421,352 in Q2 2018.

Researchers have developed a novel method for removing lattice defects from crystals, which they successfully tested on a boron crystal.

Composites UK has revealed its shortlist for the 2019 composites industry awards.

EOS says that that its Additive Minds consultancy service has been named as ‘Top Consultant 2019’ in a German competition for SMEs.

Kyocera Fineceramics GmbH says that it has completed its acquisition of Friatec’s advanced ceramics business operations.

Physicists have found that incorporating individual metal atoms into a surface in the right way allows the creation of single-atom catalysts.

A structural transition in a ferroelastic material caused by heating resembles the periodic doubling seen in non-linear dynamical systems.

GE Additive has opened an additive manufacturing (AM) site in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Polymer company Covestro says that it plans to continue a pilot project it set up in in Caojing, China, looking into predictive maintenance of systems.

The EPMA has made a set of videos exploring the last three decades of powder metallurgy.

By taking advantage of the nanomaterial graphene, scientists have developed the smallest ever accelerometer for measuring acceleration.

Rockwood Composites, based in Newton Abbot, UK, says that it has increased its workforce by 50% in the last six months.

The organizers of Composites Europe say that the show experienced lower demand from both exhibitors and visitors this year.

Blackest ever carbon nanotube coating

A novel algorithm can identify MOF pairs able to connect to one another via the metal node on one binding with the organic linker on the other.

Graphene composite for terahertz astronomy

Western Sydney in Australia could be the new center of 3D printing in Australia due to a new joint initiative between the NSW Government and GE Additive.

Professor Murray Scott has received the International Committee on Composite Materials (ICCM)’s Scala Award.

LANXESS has commissioned two new production lines for its Tepex continuous-fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composites.

Engineering software company nTopology, headquartered in the US, has opened its first European office in Regensburg, Germany.

Heat treatment and manmade fiber specialist Oerlikon has published its Q2 and half year 2019 reports.

Computing superhard materials

Scientists have managed to make the first nickel oxide material, or nickelate, that shows clear signs of superconductivity.

A novel de-icing technique uses an electric pulse to melt the ice where the surface and the ice meet, so the ice can simply slide off.

Four steps to a stable n-type organic semiconductor

Oerlikon has appointed Philipp Müller as its new chief financial officer (CFO) .

Evonik Venture Capital has reportedly invested in a 3D-printing start-up in China that makes implants for neuro and spine surgery.

Polygon Composites Technology plans to showcase its PolyMed composite tubing for surgical applications at the Medical Design and Manufacturing (MD&M) show,

Graphene can provide a two-fold defense against mosquito bites, by acting as a physical barrier and blocking chemical signals.

By focusing on uncertainty, a new algorithm can identify the most effective experiment to conduct for analyzing and developing new materials.

Additive Industries says that it has appointed Lars Ryberg as its new senior sales director.

Gasbarre Thermal Processing Systems says that it has commissioned a custom high temperature box furnace line for an aerospace company in the US.

Chemical company Biesterfeld Spezialchemie says that it has acquired the Lindberg & Lund Group.

A new low-power ceramic welding technology uses an ultrafast pulsed laser to melt ceramic materials along their interface and fuse them together.

Scientists have developed a practical method for measuring the conductivity of a single carbon nanotube, by splitting it into two halves.

The National Center for Defense Manufacturing and Machining (NCDMM) in the US has appointed Gino Spinos as its first director of manufacturing engineering.

ASTM International has launched a new video highlighting the growing role of women in developing technical standards.

Composites One and the Closed Mold Alliance will be showing live demos of vacuum infusion, RTM and other processes during the CAMX show.

Physicists have discovered that electrons continue to travels in pairs in copper oxide superconductors even above their critical temperature.

Using polymer aqueous solutions with different electrical charges, scientists have developed a novel 3D printing water-in-water technique.

The organizers of Advanced Materials for Construction say that the next conference will take place from 28–29 April 2020 in Manchester University, UK.

The EPMA has issued a call for speakers for its 2020 Hot Isostatic Pressing Seminar, taking place in Oslo, Norway from 25–26 February 2020.

Christian Lönne has been appointed the new CEO of Digital Metal, a Höganäs’ subsidiary that manufactures 3D printers for metal powders.

Acoustic modification of collagen hydrogels facilitates cellular remodelling

Researchers have developed a mathematical framework that can turn any sheet of material into any prescribed shape, using the paper craft kirigami.

Researchers have shown that a few layers of 2D materials can provide the same insulation in electronic devices as a sheet of glass 100 times thicker.

Engineers have developed a transistor made from linen thread, by coating the thread in carbon nanotubes and immersing it in an electrolyte gel.

Apprenticeships provider Skills Training UK has launched a new industrial coatings apprenticeship standard for the materials testing sector.

Chemicals company Lanxess plans to showcase a range of its low free (LF) isocyanate urethane prepolymers at the FEICA Adhesive & Sealant Conference.

Interplastic Corporation has appointed Marc Deschambault as its sales representative for Eastern Canada.

Höganäs says that this year’s Ulf Engström Award has been given to Yoshinobu Takeda, technical support engineer at Höganäs in Japan.

Coatings specialist Covestro is carrying out a research project to develop new coatings to protect rotor blades from erosion.

Velo3D has made a video showing parts being pulled out a 3D printer’s metal powder bed, without any support structures tying them to a build plate.

3D printing company EOS plans to hold a webinar covering how additive manufacturing (AM) can help with thermal management.

A newly developed organic material can produce two long-lasting excitons from a single photon of light to increase the efficiency of solar cells.

Atomising Systems Ltd and Perdac have announced the dates for their 2020 two-day advanced course on metal powder atomization.

Composites One has reportedly received an award from insurance firm Great West Casualty Company for operational safety.

Additive Industries says that a ‘prestigious aerospace company located in California’ has bought six of its MetalFAB1 additive manufacturing machines.

Researchers have shed light on how cuprates can simultaneously exhibit superconductivity and charge order in patterns of alternating stripes.

Electronic robotic skin device sends information back to the user

RF heating could be ten times faster than two-point-probe measurements

Hexcel plans to showcase a range of its products for automotive, marine, sport, and wind energy at the Composites Europe show.

Chemicals company Huntsman says that it is exhibiting a range of its polyurethane-based foam products at Foam Expo Europe.

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) says that UK engine manufacturing was stable in July 2019.

Jonathan M Pratt has been named president of TA Instruments, a specialist in thermal analysis and testing technologies.

Researchers have created 2D flakes made up of domains of molybdenum diselenide and rhenium diselenide with a sharp divide between them.

graphene oxide offers a new way of delivering growth factors to 3D scaffolds supporting the regeneration of damaged cartilage

carbon nanocomposite aptasensor offers an innovative platform for quick and simple TB detection in clinical applications

By taking advantage of highly fluorinated organic compounds, chemists have developed a cheap and sustainable method for patterning metals.

Gold nano sheets for flexible electronic applications

Nanocomposite telecom switches could help expand broadband

3D printing institute America Makes says that it is celebrating its 7th anniversary.

The University of Birmingham has been awarded €4 million to set up a pilot facility to reclaim rare earth metals from scrap.

Japanese chemical company DIC has reportedly agreed to acquire BASF’s global pigments business for €1.15 billion.

Lightweight construction specialists have put together a market study looking at the lightweight materials in demand for use in satellites and rockets.

Researchers have found that better graphene oxide (GO) ‘paper’ can be made by mixing strong, solid GO flakes with weak, porous GO flakes.

Researchers have developed a new method for making highly desirable catalysts from crystalline metal nanoparticles with 24 different faces.

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