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Materials news, February 2017

LEDs made from arrays of nanorods that can both emit and detect light could lead to interactive displays that charge themselves from ambient light.

A novel metamaterial film can cool objects by reflecting incoming solar energy while also allowing the surface to shed its own heat.

The EPMA has begun a European-wide mapping exercise of EPMA Member powder metallurgy research and development centers.

Siemens has launched a tooling workforce development program called the Lifelong Educational Advantage Program (LEAP).

Hair of blue tarantulas shows how to produce structurally colored materials.

Materials company DSM has reported an increase in yearly sales of 3% to €7,920 million, with 4% organic growth.

Live webinar - March 7th, 9 - 10 AM GMT – The nuts & bolts of Peer Review: a discussion by Biomaterials Editors Professors Pandit and Yu.

The European Powder Metal Association (EPMA) will be exhibiting at DEVELOP3D LIVE 2017.

LPW Technology Ltd has added a new case study to its collection of technical materials.

Miniature sensor device as oral theranostic powered by stomach acid.

Solar-powered, carbon-based portable potable water generator.

Rapid Advanced Manufacturing (RAM3D) in New Zealand has installed several AM250 metal AM systems in its new facility in the city of Tauranga.

Teijin's board of directors has elected Shukei Inui, currently director and member of the board of Toho Tenax, as its next president.

The Chemical Coaters Association International (CCAI) is now accepting applications for its 2017 Matt Heuertz Scholarship Program.

Dark Matter Composites will provide a seminar on risks, generation, capture and control measures for both carbon and glass fiber dust.

Researchers have shown experimentally how a unique form of magnetism arises in an odd class of materials called Mott insulators.

Scientists have found a way to produce and measure the properties of a single, three-atom-thick layer of tungsten ditelluride.

Renishaw Ibérica, 3D printing specialist Renishaw's subsidiary for the Spanish and Portuguese markets, has relocated to a new facility near Barcelona.

Carpenter Technology is to buy substantially all of the assets and business of Puris LLC, a producer of titanium powder for additive manufacturing (AM).

Prof Mark Goulthorpe will be the keynote speaker at the Future of Composites in Construction Show.

Mildred Dresselhaus sadly passes away at the age of 86.

Next step towards bacterial fuel cell using paper electrode.

Mapping nanoparticles atom by atom.

Arcam AB says that a new powder metal (PM) factory run its powder manufacturing subsidiary AP&C in Montreal, Canada, is progressing well on plan.

Desktop Metal has raised a total of US$97 million in equity funding since its founding in October 2015, led by by GV (formerly Google Ventures).

Acciona Construcción SA t has won this year’s JEC Construction Innovation Award for its pultruded composite panels.

Metyx Composites plans to exhibit new fabric materials at JEC World composite show, taking place in Paris in March.

Researchers have discovered a ceramic material that contracts on heating by more than twice the previous record-holding material.

Researchers have found a perovskite mineral with the right properties to extract energy from multiple sources at the same time.

Hear from Enrique Lavernia and Fei Chen at our Reviewer workshop at TMS 2017.

3A Composites plans to showcase its new AIREX T10.60 and BALTEKVBC QX products at JEC World.

The National Science Foundation in the US has approved a grant program to support 40 students from US institutions to attend POWDERMET2017.

CSIRO has launched a wet spinning line which could dramatically increase the speed of carbon fiber production.

Andercol SA has announced a price increase of its complete portfolio of resins for all products shipped on or after 1 March 2017.

The MPIF reports that programs are new available for POWDERMET2017 and AMPM2017.

A new 3D printing method can produce materials with independently tunable macro-and microscale porosity using a ceramic foam ink.

Researchers have built and trained machine learning algorithms that can accurately predict defect behavior in intermetallic compounds.

Solvay plans to present a range of its materials at JEC World 2017, taking place in Paris from 14–16 March.

LPW Technology Ltd will exhibiting at TCT Asia 2017, taking place in Shanghai, China, from 8–10 March.

Hardmetal specialist Kennametal Inc plans to attend the ISI Industrial Conference run by investment group Evercore.

Using macrophages with flow cytometry, a rapid screening method can determine how medical nanoparticles interact with the immune system.

Scientists have determined the mechanical properties of a sulfide-based solid electrolyte by poking it with a sharp probe.

Researchers at Queen’s University in Belfast have developed carbon fiber simulation tools,

Oerlikon plans to expand its global additive manufacturing (AM) business.

Umicore has reported revenues of €2.7 billion, up 1% from the previous year.

Adding two different additives to the same polymer semiconductor offers a simple way to modify its electrical properties.

By utilizing a novel nanoparticle-based design to tune surface plasmon resonance, engineers have created a thin, flexible, light-absorbing material.

Renishaw plc and PDR have signed a new research collaboration to improve the precision of surgical procedures.

Hexcel has developed HexPly M781, a fast-curing prepreg system with multiaxial reinforcements.

US composites institute IACMI teams has unveiled a 9 m long prototype wind blade.

US-based alloy steel materials producer QuesTek Innovations LLC has won the US Small Business Administration (SBA) 2016 Tibbetts Award.

Carbon fiber provider DowAksa has appointed Anthony J Roberts as director of strategic planning.

Product development specialist ARRK has opened a new paint spraying facility at its Composites Centre in Nuneaton, UK.

America Makes has created learning tool exercises for additive manufacturing (AM) machine and material selection.

Two companies plan to join forces to provide additive manufacturing (AM) training to end users.

Inspired by natural adhesive materials, scientists have developed a synthetic version that can be controlled remotely using UV light.

A new way of mass-producing graphene uses just three simple ingredients: hydrocarbon gas, oxygen and a spark plug.

By coating a normal fabric with an electroactive material, researchers have produced ‘textile muscles’ that could be incorporated into clothes.

Unexpectedly, scientists have discovered that electrons in metallic vanadium dioxide can conduct electricity without conducting heat.

Arcam reports that its net sales increased by 12.5% in 2016 to SEK648.3 million, compared to SEK576.1 million in 2015.

Bodycote reports that its hot isostatic pressing (HIP) facility ihas earned the highest level of Nadcap accreditation.

AOC LLC has announced a price increase of US$0.07/lb for all products sold in Latin America, including Mexico and the Caribbean.

A joint venture called TxV Aero Composites has been established to improve the adoption of PAEK composite in aerospace.

Using a Titan supercomputer, scientists have identified Lewis-acidic polymers as promising solid electrolytes in lithium-ion batteries.

Physicists have mapped the coordinates of more than 23,000 individual atoms in an iron-platinum nanoparticle to reveal the material's defects.

Glass fiber specialist Şişecam has invested of 400 million TL (around €100 million) to build a plant in Turkey.

ELG Carbon Fibre Ltd and Adesso Advanced Materials Wuhu Co Ltd, have concluded a MOU to develop lightweight composite components.

Global aluminum and copper based powder producer Kymera plans to combine its brand names.

PM specialist GKN Powder Metallurgy plans to inaugurate a dedicated digital area for AM.

Global production of molybdenum increased to 132.0 million pounds in the third quarter of 2016.

Gurit has signed a distribution agreement with Barracuda Advanced Composites as its distributor for non-wind applications.

Global aerostructures manufacturer Spirit AeroSystems has reported 2016 revenues of US$6.8 billion, up 2% year on year.

Hardmetal specialist Kennametal reports Q2 sales of US$488 million, compared with US$524 million in the same quarter last year.

Sandvik has formed a new product area called additive manufacturing (AM) within its Sandvik Machining Solutions business area.

Zenyatta Ventures Ltd, which plans to produce graphite powder for powder metallurgy (PM), has appointed Sean Whiteford to its board of directors.

Oxford Advanced Surfaces (OAS) plans to showcase a new surface treatment product at JEC World 2017.

Safran Nacelles has registered over 100 of its employees for the UK's Composites Assured Practitioner Scheme (CAP).

Conductive CNT-composites could be produced using standard commercial 3D printers, according to Italian researchers

French researchers say that a mix of carbon dioxide and methane could be the perfect feedstock for high quality carbon nanomaterials

Composite Advantage has installed a prefabricated, lightweight bridge to replace an old vehicle bridge in the city of Trail, British Columbia.

Sigma Labs has signed a commercial agreement with Pratt & Whitney.

DolphiTech plans to launch a new range of ultrasound instruments with extended capabilities for non-destructive testing (NDT).

Automotive giant Audi AG and 3D printing pioneer EOS plan to build a 3D printing center.

Scientists have developed a simple and innovative technique for drawing or imprinting complex, nanometric patterns on hollow polymer fibers.

A new metamaterial can be easily manipulated to alter the stiffness of its surface by orders of magnitude, from rubber to steel.

Automotive company SKF has reported 2016 operating profit, excluding one-time items, of SEK 1,741 million.

Katharine Morgan has been appointed president of ASTM International, one of the world’s largest standards development organizations.

Scott Bader says that has increased the production capacity for its range of Crestabond adhesives.

Liz Nickels looked at what's at the cutting edge of the growing e-bike market.

A carbon fiber transport pod has achieved first place in the inaugural SpaceX Hyperloop Competition Weekend in the US.

A new computational design strategy can pinpoint optimal materials for coating the cathode in lithium-ion batteries to protect it from degradation.

Synthetic nanoparticles can achieve the same level of structural complexity, hierarchy and accuracy as biomolecules such as proteins.

Rio Tinto has released its Q4 performance results.

Composites One, a North American supplier of composites raw materials, has acquired Canadian-based BMB Solutions Composites.

The MPIF has selected industry veteran James P Adams to succeed C James Trombino as executive director/CEO.

Composite reinforcement specialist Kordsa, based in Turkey, reports that it received a record number of patent applications.

Jonas Gustavsson, president of the Sandvik Machining Solutions business area, has decided to leave the company.

PM association APMI International has announced the recipients of its 2017 Fellow Award.

The German Federation of Reinforced Plastics (AVK) is now welcoming applications for the AVK Innovation Award 2017.

New synthesis mechanism transforms bulk metal alloys directly into nanowires.

Mimicking the hierarchical microstructure of the clingfish sucker for materials applications.

Using symmetry and topology, scientists have described a new class of metals with exotic electronic properties.

A new oxidatively-modified carbon material is highly efficient at absorbing radioactive metal cations such as cesium and strontium.

The winners of the Energy Storage Materials 2016 Best Paper Award and Most Cited Paper Award have been announced.

The top ten Reviewers for ENSM in 2016 have been announced.

Michelman has named John B Homoelle as the first recipient of an award for outstanding technical contributions.

European PM organization the EPMA reports that it will be running four extra events in 2017.

Hexcel has reported Q4 2016 results of diluted EPS of US$0.64 on net sales of US$483.5 million.

UK-based surface treatment company South West Metal Finishing (SWMF) has announced an increase in sales by 15% in 2016.

3D printing company Concept Laser reports an 88% increase in sales in the first half of 2016 compared to the same period of 2015.

Specialty chemicals company Lanxess has increased the prices for its Durethan and Pocan compounds in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA region).

A Gasbarre Furnace group company has recently installed ‘solitaire’ conveyor belt furnaces for the annealing of precious metals.

Using advanced imaging techniques, scientists have discovered cracking of cathode particles as lithium-ion batteries are charged and discharged.

PEEK specialist Victrex has invested in a minority interest in pipe manufacturer Magma to boost the adoption of its m-pipe for subsea applications.

A three-dimensional, foldable radiator coated with a vanadium oxide-based material could remove or retain heat on small satellites.

Submit your nomination for the CSTE Outstanding Young Researcher Award.

With the help of a cuprate superconductor, scientists have revealed the innate, but previously hidden, ability of graphene to act as a superconductor.

Scientists have developed a simple, inexpensive technique for producing oxide nanowires directly from bulk powders at ambient conditions.

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