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Materials news, January 2019

Höganäs appoints new Chair

Kurt Jofs has assumed the position of Chairman of the Höganäs board, succeeding Staffan Bohman, who has been Chairman since 2013.

Lanxess at adhesives conference

Plastics company Lanxess plans to present at the In-Adhesives Symposium, taking place in Munich, Germany, from 25–26 February 2019.

By coating cotton with a conducting polymer, researchers have developed a fabric that can harvest body heat to power wearable electronic devices.

Researchers have created 3D-printed, flexible mesh structures made of silicone that can be controlled with applied magnetic fields.

A new method called thermal scanning probe lithography outperforms standard methods for fabricating metal electrodes on 2D semiconductors.

Sandwiched lithium nanocomposites by one-pot process

JEC Group and EuCIA (the Association of the European Composites Industry) have join forced in Europe to promote composites.

UK 3D printing company Renishaw has opened new additive manufacturing (AM) centers in Barcelona, Spain and Torino, Italy.

Gurit plans to appoint two new members to its group executive committee.

The ASTM International copper and copper alloys committee is sponsoring a workshop taking place on 3 April in Colorado, USA.

APMI International has named the winners of its 2019 Fellow Award. The recipients are Joseph Tunick Strauss and John L Johnson.

Höganäs has appointed Hans Keller as president of surface and joining technologies.

Researchers have demonstrated that the conducting organic polymer PEDOT functions in a completely different manner than previously believed.

Using super-resolution microscopy to observe the motion of individual polymer chains has revealed the true complexity of polymer dynamics.

Researchers have developed a process for growing graphene nanoribbons in both armchair and zig-zag configurations on the same wafer.

Researchers have discovered that layered graphene can exhibit very different properties in humid conditions, due to water seeping between the layers.

Researchers have developed methods for 3D printing piezoelectric materials that can convert stress from any direction into electrical energy.

Weaving power into wearables

Heating specialist Wall Colmonoy plans to run a spring session of its Modern Furnace Brazing School.

Teijin Limited has been awarded a contract to supply its carbon fiber material to Bombardier Aerostructures for another seven years, until 2025.

BASF says that the EU Commission has granted conditional clearance for it to acquire Solvay’s polyamide business.

Trade show organizer Messe München has laid plans for a new conference for industrial ceramics.

clusters of gold nanoparticles promise a new way of treating the debilitating neurodegenerative condition Parkinson’s disease

3D printable piezoelectric materials

Guided by theoretical calculations, researchers have discovered a new class of promising thermoelectric materials.

Sensing molecular logic

3D printing specialist Optomec plans to supply the company’s additive manufacturing (AM) machines to US government facilities.

Gasbarre Products has launched a new website and reorganized its product groups.

Textile researchers have found a simple process for coating silk with ZnO

Engineering components made up of printed 'meta-crystals' with varying orientations are tougher than those with a uniform, single-crystal structure.

BASF says that it has co-founded the Alliance to End Plastic Waste.

Scientists have probed the complex interactions between quantum particles such as excitons and polarons in halide organic-inorganic perovskites.

Using a new theory called stress localization, scientists have created a durable silicone polymer coating capable of repelling ice from any surface.

Chemists have found that the void spaces in 2D layers fundamentally changes the strength of the van der Waals forces between the layers.

Polyamide (PA) supplier Evonik has acquired Structured Polymers Inc, a US-based technology startup for 3D printing materials.

Gas specialist Linde’s board of directors has reportedly authorized a share repurchase program for up to US$6 billion of its ordinary shares.

Taking place in Colorado, USA, the seminar will take place in conjunction with the standards development meetings of the committee.

Polymer company Covestro says that it has joined the Alliance to End Plastic Waste (AEPW).

Umicore says that it has been ranked seventh in the 2019 top 100 of the world’s most sustainable companies.

The Chemical Coaters Association International (CCAI) is hosting a training workshop taking place from 5–6 March 2019 in Atlanta, GA, USA.

Structures made from stimuli-responsive materials can determine which of multiple possible actions to take in response to their environment.

New generation holograms hard to counterfeit

Nanoparticles made from cellulose acetate are promising candidate for medical imaging applications

ASTM’s International committee on metal powders and metal powder products is reportedly sponsoring a workshop covering powder characterization.

The MPIF has published A Collection of Powder Characterization Standards for Metal Additive Manufacturing.

Researchers have found a way to perform 'double doping' in organic, polymer-based semiconductors, enhancing their conductivity.

A new catalog details the sizes and shapes of the holes that would most likely be observed in 2D materials when a given number of atoms is removed.

Chinese researchers develop the world’s first ‘living biofilm’ adhesive with tuneable behaviour

Sabic has become a founding member of a new non-profit organization aimed at reducing plastic waste in the environment.

NCDMM board member Thomas R Kurfess, has been appointed chief manufacturing officer at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL).

Sigma Labs has been awarded a test and evaluation program contract with a global materials and service provider in additive manufacturing (AM).

A new 3D printing method, which involves lifting complex shapes from a vat of liquid, is up to 100 times faster than conventional 3D printing processes.

Research could improve layered materials and predict earthquakes

The EuPC has published the results of its second European survey on the use of recycled plastics materials in Europe’s plastics converting industry.

Aerospace company Spirit AeroSystems has signed a memorandum of agreement (MOA) with Boeing.

ASTM is sponsoring the 19th International Symposium on Zirconium in the Nuclear Industry.

Researchers have shown that a damage-resistant rechargeable zinc battery with a cartilage-like solid electrolyte makes an effective 'structural battery'.

Incorporating advanced catalysts made from 2D materials into lithium-air batteries allows them to hold up to 10 times more energy.

Scientists have developed and analyzed a novel catalyst that can produce a useful biochemical from plant-derived material.

Man-made materials communicate with different cells to promote process of tissue repair

A flexible crystalline porous material composed of metal ions and small peptide molecules can change its structure in response to its environment.

Sabic says that it is highlighting technologies that help address sustainability challenges as part of Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week.

ASTM International’s committee on steel, stainless steel, and related alloys reports that it is seeking participants for an interlaboratory study.

Aimplas has begun a project aimed at developing more sustainable processes for the manufacturing, recycling and composting of plastics.

Huntsman is displaying a range of composites products at an exhibition located at the Design Museum of Gent, Belgium.

Molding specialist Arburg has appointed Raffaele Abbruzzetti as manager of the company’s Italian subsidiary in Peschiera Borromeo, Milan.

UK new car registrations fell 6.8% in 2018 to 2.37m units, the Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders (SMMT) has reported.

High-energy X-ray beams and a clever experimental setup have allowed researchers to watch the formation of two different cobalt crystals.

Molecules termed traction force-activated payloads can help to produce materials able to talk to the body's natural repair systems to drive healing.

Metyx USA has received ISO 9001:2015 quality management certification.

The Powder Coating Institute (PCI) says that it is now accepting applications for its 2019 PCI Scholarship Program.

Micro-topographical screening of biomechanically directed tendon cell phenotype.

A new surface plasmon resonance sensor based on the 2D material antimonene can sensitively detect microRNA associated with cancer.

Hexcel is focusing on the benefits of automotive composites at the North American International Automotive Show.

Arburg's subsidiary in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has celebrated its ten-year anniversary.

Brazing company Wall Colmonoy Aerobraze has appointed Jim Lockbaum as business development manager.

Using a powerful new analytical technique, scientists have uncovered a distinct pattern of electron spins within a cuprate superconductor.

The EPMA, organizers of Euro PM2019, says that the deadline to submit abstracts for the show is 23 January 2019.

The 33th Chinaplas show will reportedly take place from 21–24 May 2019 in Guangzhou, China.

For the first time, researchers have produced a coherent qubit made from graphene and the 2D material hexagonal boron nitride.

Nickel-coated carbon fibres may outperform carbon mesh in composite aircraft

The MPIF says that it has finalized the keynote speech for MIM2019, taking place in Orlando, Florida, USA, from 25–27 February 2019.

Composites supplier Dura Composites has added two new boards to its decking range.

AM company Renishaw says that it is recruiting a record 68 apprentice placements for its sites in Gloucestershire and South Wales, UK.

Owens Corning’s board of directors has elected Brian D Chambers to succeed Mike Thaman as CEO.

Gurit says that it has closed the divestment of all shares in the company’s PVC production site in Qingdao, China.

small doses of gold nanoparticles can be broken down by aquatic plants over a period of months

movement of tiny, simple silicon nanomotors in an electric field can be controlled remotely using light

Yolk@Shell SiOx/C microspheres with semi-graphitic carbon coating on the exterior and interior surfaces for durable lithium storage

Hexcel Corporation says that it has completed its acquisition of ARC Technologies LLC.

UK steel supplier Hillfoot has appointed Peter Morris to the newly-created role of purchasing director.

graphene can covert high frequency gigahertz signals into the terahertz range

mushroom-like gold nanowires on soft, flexible substrates could enable a new generation of wearable or implantable stretchable electronic devices

light-emitting diodes based on perovskites that have surpassed a milestone in efficiency

Researchers have found that a quasicrystalline superlattice can self-assemble from a single type of pyramid-shaped nanoparticle building block.

Using embedded liquid crystals, scientists have created a shape-shifting polymer material that can morph from one sophisticated form to another.

Hexcel Corporation has appointed Colleen Pritchett as president of Aerospace, Americas.

Hexion has reported net sales of US$952 million, a 4% increase versus prior year.

Stewart Lane, corporate manager at AM company Renishaw, has been selected as chairman of CECIMO's new AM committee.

A composite made of lignin, nylon and carbon fiber possesses just the right mix of viscosity when hot and strength when cool for 3D printing.

Disordered magnesium chromium oxide crystals just 5nm in size can make an effective cathode material for magnesium batteries.

Heat treatment specialist Bodycote has officially opened its new facility in Rotherham, Yorkshire, UK.

The Swedish Energy Agency has reportedly awarded a four-year research project to powder metal specialist Höganäs AB.

Kordsa has published its fourth sustainability report covering the company’s economic, social and environmental performance.

Sicomin says that it plans to showcase a range of its epoxy systems at JEC World 2019, taking place from 11–14 March 2019 in Paris, France.

Charles Ross has promoted its vice president of corporate operations.

The Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders (SMMT) has reported a 14.2% decline in UK engine production in November 2018.

Cortec says that its water-based coating is suitable for a number of applications, including machinery, vehicles, piping and structural steel.

Pristine graphene formed into geometric shapes such as narrow ribbons connected to wide-open regions can efficiently convert light into electricity.

Researchers have found that the density of intentionally introduced point defects in graphene electrodes is directly proportional to their sensitivity.

The EPMA has launched EuroFM, a sectoral group covering functional materials.

Gurit has reevaluated its operating profit potential for fiscal year 2018.

A new combinatorial library tool can rapidly test millions (even billions) of nanoparticles to determine which is best for a specific application.

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