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flexible three-dimensional piezoelectric nanocomposite with integrated electrodes makes useful energy harvesting device

Researchers have uncovered the dance that goes on between cerium, sulfates and water in a cerium-based flow cell battery.

Using a new electron microscopy technique and data mining, researchers have mapped out altered domains in rechargeable ion batteries at the nanoscale.

Using microstratucture engineering, researchers have improved the properties of manganese bismuth, a rare-earth-free magnetic material.

Researchers have developed a combined electrolyte and cathode that can enhance the energy density of nonrechargeable batteries.

By shifting the oxidation-reduction potential of a lithium-metal electrode, researchers have enhanced the energy density of lithium-metal batteries.

Researchers have shown that ruthenium dioxide nanoparticles doped with nickel make a cheap and effective anode catalyst for splitting water.

Using a novel microscopy technique, researchers have tracked the movement of lithium ions inside a promising new battery material in real time.

Researchers have created thicker, faster-charging electrodes for lithium-ion batteries by using a magnet to vertically align 2D materials.

Could solar windows harvest energy from the rain?

Sustainable zinc battery with a biodegradable electrolyte

egg white proteins can be transformed into ultralightweight carbon aerogels for highly efficient water purification

By doping with a high-entropy alloy, researchers have been able to make lithium-ion battery cathodes with nickel rather than cobalt.

High-quality cathode material made from sodium

Using selectively doped gallium nitride, researchers have created new high-power electronic devices that are more energy efficient than previous versions.

Scientists have created a zinc battery that contains a sustainable, biodegradable gel electrolyte made from crab shells.

Researchers have discovered that stress gradients in a solid electrolyte that affect the passage of ions can lead to the failure of solid-state batteries.

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