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A new microprinting technique uses sugar and corn syrup to transfer microscopic patterns of materials onto curved surfaces.

New sustainable thermal management material from cellulose

oil-in-water droplet microtechnology produces uniform, small-volume tumor organoids with two compartments for improved cell culture

Researchers investigate commonplace polymers with an eye to the microplastics crisis

Using AI to design new complex metamaterials with useful properties

Researchers have developed a novel reaction process that uses fuel to control non-living materials such as hydrogels by charging them.

Using microstratucture engineering, researchers have improved the properties of manganese bismuth, a rare-earth-free magnetic material.

Researchers have developed a material that can switch from p-conducting to n-conducting with a small change in temperature.

Researchers have shown that the metal-organic framework aluminum formate offers a cheap and effective material for capturing carbon dioxide.

Researchers have developed a combined electrolyte and cathode that can enhance the energy density of nonrechargeable batteries.

For the first time, researchers formed a rare-earth complex on a gold surface and then rotated it with a scanning tunneling microscope.

Researchers have shown that ruthenium dioxide nanoparticles doped with nickel make a cheap and effective anode catalyst for splitting water.

A novel composite coating made of the 2D material MXene and vanadium in a polymer solution can absorb and disburse electromagnetic radiation.

Water-repellent smart sensor alerts when wearer is drowning

Some materials retain memory of previous stretching

Using light and a catalyst, researchers have been able to produce a soft and stretchy version and a hard and rigid version of the same polymer.

Loop currents could explain how a quantum material is able to switch from an insulator to a conductor when exposed to a magnetic field.

A new class of carbide materials is capable of producing tunable plasmonic properties while withstanding incredibly high temperatures.

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