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Researchers have developed a new method for structurally splitting, editing and reconstituting specific layered nanomaterials.

Understanding the complexities of complex materials

Using the technology behind predictive text, researchers have developed an AI model that can predict the properties of metal-organic frameworks (MOFs).

Researchers have developed a versatile technique for manufacturing soft polymer materials in a dozen different structures.

Using computational screening, researchers have discovered more than a dozen 2D semiconductor materials with high carrier mobility.

A novel superconducting hydride material operates at a temperature and pressure low enough for practical applications.

Two new complex oxides could help usher in more energy-efficient computer chips and devices that combine memory and logic.

Researchers have developed novel spin qubits by trapping electrons in chemically modified carbon nanotubes.

An anitoxidant layer can enhance the stability of semi-transparent organic solar cells, allowing them to used as a roof material in greenhouses.

Researchers have created a new type of quantum material whose atomic scaffolding has been dramatically warped into a herringbone pattern.

Researchers have developed a novel ceramic polymer material for use as a solid electrolyte in a lithium-air battery.

Novel triple-doping strategy promises performance boosts

A new type of polysulfate compound can be used to make polymer film capacitors that can better withstand high heat and electric fields.

3D-printing structures for housing human cells using self-assembling peptide ink

A new chemical vapor deposition technique takes advantage of a 'magic solvent' to produce stronger polymer coatings.

Enhancing environmentally friendly food packaging

Sunlight-powered hydrogel that can absorb and clean polluted water

Researchers have developed an electrochemical transistor based on a new kind of electronic polymer and a vertical, instead of planar, architecture.

Researchers have shown that shining a laser through a tube filled with a particular ionic liquid can downshift the laser’s energy and change its color.

Electrode screen-printing process for health monitoring

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