Materials chemistry news, December 2023

Using an advanced imaging technique, researchers have mapped, for the first time ever, the 3D atomic coordinates of medium- and high-entropy alloys.

Infrared supermirrors use new paradigm in coatings

New 3D printing method for non-invasive surgery

Improving 2D-materials-based electronic devices

Researchers have developed a cobalt catalyst that can selectively functionalize specific carbon-hydrogen bonds in compounds with lots of them.

By just adding a bit of hydrogen to the fabrication process, researchers have created a low-cost, strong and effective fuel cell catalyst.

By finding a way to make organic componds known as acenes more stable, researchers have got them to emit different colors of light.

Researchers have developed a new catalyst that quickly, cleanly and efficiently breaks down Nylon-6 into its component monomers.

An AI tool called GNoME worked with an AI-guided robot called A-Lab to create more than 40 novel materials in just 17 days.

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